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August 2011
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Learn the Attitude of Gratitude…

“Of all the attitudes we can acquire, surely the attitude of gratitude is the most important and by far the most life-changing.” – Zig Ziglar

I can’t explain how it works, but we’re all prone to it: We’ll ALWAYS give more sacrificially to the ones that show appreciation to us. It might be a small favor we did, or perhaps a huge one. Regardless, we all have a bigger heart for the people that come back to say, “Thank you.” God does it, too. He gives more to the ones that remember to say, “Thank you.”

I’ve become an unrepentant fanatical believer in the power of showing appreciation; I’ve made it a vital part of my life. Here’s a secret I’ve learned: although people almost always say, “Oh it was a pleasure,” or, “Don’t mention it,” or better still, “You’re welcome” very casually (as if they could care less about it), they take note of the fact that you even bothered to thank them.

This is the attitude that will take you to the top. Take it upon yourself to thank your way to greatness! So, the next time someone does or says something nice to you, instead of being all chatty about it just say, “Thank you.”

I want to close by thanking you. Yes, you that is reading this right now! :-) Last month alone, we had over 500 hits, i.e. more than 500 people stopped by to check out our posts. That is sooo encouraging. For that we want to say, thank you! And by God’s grace, we’ll keep em coming! It’s because of people like you that we keep posting these blogs. Hoping that at least one or two of them will poke something inside of you; and inspire you to strive to become the best you can be. You guyz rock!!