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Hey fam! I got my big brother to share a bit of his thoughts with you. Below is what he had to say. I hope you grab something from it! Enjoy!


Strange topic huh??? Of course I can guess yes!

Why diamonds?? Because my name is Icez??? Noooooooooo…but because I have lived to find out that if our lives are like diamonds(selective, rare, admirable etc), we’d live everyday glittering, shining and above all very very strong.

Note: Most diamonds are over three billion years old, two-thirds the age of the Earth. There are a few “youngsters,” though, which are only 100 million years old.
Lesson: If we try to live our lives like the diamond, we’d get old and still look as fresh as ever.

A Word From Bruce Lee…

Hey fam! If you feel your environment is making it difficult for you to thrive and become your best, Bruce and I have got the perfect solution for you! B-D You see, sometimes it’s advisable to play the “Sucker” for a short period of time; if that’s what it’d take to get you where you want to go.

Resolve To Be Thankful…

“If you have lived, take thankfully the past.” – John Dryden

Very often we get so overwhelmed by our “Big” problems that we don’t see the “Small” blessings in them. How many times have you been so wrapped up in what happened to you that you neglect to be thankful to God that you’re alive to tell the story? John Dryden made a great point when he said, “If you have lived, take thankfully the past.” This, I believe, is the new mindset we all should have. Even if you lost everything we had at some point, you’re still here to tell the story! You should be thankful for that. If you were really broke at some point, and had to beg for things, you should be thankful that you’re still here – and hopefully doing better.

Re-evaluate Your Associations…

Hey fam! Hope you’ve been having a great week! :-D I’ve been so busy in the past few days. I can’t remember the last time I slept before 3am! Yes, it’s been that crazy. But I’m glad everything’s been working out great. I’ve never stopped thinking about seeds in words. I love your devotion to this site.

Here’s a video I stumbled upon. It’s by Les Brown – a very successful entrepreneur and one of the most renowned motivational speakers alive! Please endeavor to draw all you can from it! Enjoy! :-D

Become More…

I once heard Jim Rohn say, “Set high goals for yourself; not just for the thrill of its achievement, but for what it will make you to achieve it.” When he said it, I caught it! And I’ve never let it go since then!

You see, the focus is supposed to be on the disciplines we practice and impose on ourselves to be able to achieve the goals we set! At the end of the day, it’s what you’ve become that counts; not really what you achieved. You want to work so hard at your goals that you learn to properly manage your time, plan your day, set daily objectives, all of this leading to the eventual achievement of that one goal you set for yourself. So that once you’ve achieved that goal and it’s all said and done, you would’ve become a better person than you were before setting out to achieve the goal!

Tap Into Your Talents…

A few hours ago, I walked into a friend’s room and saw a picture. It was shaded to perfection. I couldn’t quite figure out what the picture was, but I was quite astonished by it’s beauty. At the back of my head, I knew it must have cost him a fortune. I immediately asked my friend to explain what the image on the picture was. He did, but ended with this remark, “Michelle – his girl friend – drew it!” I was speechless!! But here’s where it gets confusing: Michelle is a Chemistry major!!! In my head, I was like, “Whaat!! Such a waste of talent!” :-( I got on to her for minutes upon minutes. In her defense, she said, “It’s my hobby. I love doing it, but I love chemistry, too. Nevertheless, I don’t think I can make a living as an artist.”

Take Responsibilty For Your Success…

Hey guys! I was listening to this while doing my chores today. I couldn’t wait to share it with you guys! It’s from one of my most profound mentors – Jim Rohn.

If you can listen to the whole audio, that would be great! But if you can’t then, please jump to 3:27. Have fun! :-D

The Essentials of Time Management…

So, we’re in a new month – the ninth month of the year! We have three months to go before the end of the year. I think now, more than ever, is the time when we could really use all the time we can get – to put finishing touches on things. Brian Tracy – a successful business man, and personal development coach – touches on just that in this video. He’s one of my favorites! :-) Have fun!

Free Your Mind…

“The mind is everything. What you think you become” – Buddha
I woke up this morning thinking about a story I was told as a little child. It’s a little daunting but it’ll be worth your time, trust me.
Here’s the story: a circus elephant was kept in a cage about 10x10ft in dimension for years. During those years, the elephant subconsciously learned how to maximize his space constraint and so got used to it. However, during a massive renovation, the management of the zoo decided to release the elephant back into the wild. But something interesting happened: once the elephant was released into the wild (even though he had the entire forest open to him), all he could do was move around in an area about 10x10ft in dimension. His mind had become so locked into his caged space constraints that he couldn’t embrace the enormous freedom before him!