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What Do You Believe In?

Recently, I have been giving serious thought to everything I’ve ever believed in. Not to go into much detail, I’m one that has grown to believe in a lot of things. Some realistic, some larger than life, some a little…

Start Now!

Here’s what I’ve found to be true: Your present will soon be your past. So, if you’ve had a regrettable past, u can start working on your present to make it a better past!

We’re given tremendous opportunities in life to improve – to be better at something, or generally to be better people. That’s why it’s great that life seems to come in doses (days, weeks, months, and years). It’s great because it gives us the opportunity we need to improve on our past. Once we grasp this, our terrible pasts seem to lay off our shoulders a little. Because now, we know we have the opportunity today to correct the mistakes of yesterday. This week to correct the mistakes of last week. This month to correct the mistakes of last month. This year to correct the mistakes we made last year!

Ain’t that amazing? If only we’d choose to start making those adjustments and changes now, by God’s grace, we’re given another shot at making better memories! :-) So, don’t drag on about what you did wrong in the past. Do it better right NOW!