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Don’t Kill Your Boss, He’s Not Worth the Stress…

Hey fam! I hope you kicked off your day with a positive attitude! I know that’s hard to do most of the time; especially since we’re constantly surrounded with problems that just won’t go away! Problems with varying intensity – from something as serious as gas prices that keep fluctuating to very negligible things such as your very obnoxious, discouraging, and self-obsessed boss whose perception of you determines whether or not you’ll be promoted, and hence, how much you earn and the quality of your life! :-)

The Eagle in You: Fly high…

“Whoever believes the sky is his limit has limited imagination.” – anonymous

Hey fam! Waking up this morning, I thought to myself, “Dang! I’ve been so busy lately that I’ve been neglecting my seeds in words fam!” Well, this is me trying to make it up to you! :-D

Over the next few days/weeks, we’ll be talking about different characteristics of eagles, and the vital lessons we could learn from them! So, please tag along…let’s reason together for a bit!

** Oh! and by the way, my full name, Ugochukwu, means God’s eagle! Just thought I should get that out there :-p **

I want to start with the flight capabilities of eagles. I did some research and found out that in their top flight, bald eagles can fly as high as 30,000ft. That’s about the cruising altitude of jet powered airliners! This is one of the characterist

Put the Pieces Together…

“Outstanding success comes when you identify your strengths and make friends with those whose strengths are your weaknesses.”

Imagine an artist making a collage. He puts the picture together piece by piece. The pieces are not necessarily from the same source (pieces of scrap books and pictures), but he arranges the collection in such a way that the end product comes out to be so pretty.

For us to achieve great success, we must think of our lives in the same way an artist thinks of a collage. The only difference is: the pieces in this case would be people. The fact that no one can achieve great success alone cannot be overemphasized. We cannot do everything ourselves. We need people…the right people.

Excellence: 3 great advices from the best.

Lately, Jack Welch – former chairman and CEO of GE – has been a dominant source of inspiration to me. I’ve really learned a lot from him in the past couple of days. I believe you’ll find the things he talked about in this video very helpful. Have fun!

How To Maximize Your Life…

This is one from Dr. Myles Munroe – my greatest role model of all times. I would like to tell you all about him, but I’d spend pages. Just google him! :-D I’ve watched this a couple of times and it’s consistently jolted me into the “Greatness zone” each time..It’s caused a huge paradigm shift in me. I’m sure you’ll find it beneficial, too…Trust me!!

7 mins That’ll Change Your Life…

If you’d spend the next 7 minutes watching this video, I guarantee you that you’d leave this page wiser than you were when you stopped by! It’s by one of my favorite speakers, Jim Rhon. He mentored the great Tony…

Take control of your life: Smile…

Growing up, we had this poster in our living room. It had the portrait of a pretty lady smiling, with these words printed beneath her…

“Just a smile. A smile does not cost anything but achieves a lot. It is pleasing to those who receive it and harmless to those who give it. Though it is short lived, it’s memory is for a long time!”

As kids, while we played in the living room, we unconsciously had these words inscribed in our hearts. I wrote that from memory by the way…:-D

Smiling when you’re expected to be pissed is not a sign of weakness. It’s a certain kind of strength. It’s the kind of strength that tells whoever or whatever is pissing you off that you’re confident about what you COULD do, but you’ve just CHOSEN not to react! Smiling makes you appear friendly and very likable! And most times, you really don’t realize how many people you encouraged and helped have a great day…just by smiling! Also, it’s been scientifically proven that smiling a lot increases our tendencies of living longer. So what the heck! Just smile! Besides, it costs you nothing…:-D

Keep moving, don’t get comfortable…

“The road to success is dotted with many tempting parking spaces.” – Will Rogers

We go to school, get a degree, and look for some job – even if it’s not one we really enjoy. We make a few bucks every month. Pay our numerous bills and if we’ve got a little change left in our pockets, thank goodness! Isn’t this a classic case? What happened to our childhood dreams? What happened to, “I’ll keep the job for a while and save up to start my own stuff?” When asked this, a lot of people say, “Life happened!” Not so true!

We all have dreams. Things we’d love to do ALL our lives. I believe we’re supposed to live everyday working towards achieving those dreams. Maybe slowly, but steadily! Honestly ask yourself…”I’m I doing what I really love doing?” If you’re not, then please don’t get comfortable. Don’t quit on the way to your dreams! Don’t let ” job security” stop you from living your dreams…Don’t stop driving. Don’t stop trying to fulfill that desire you have! Lose the justification for forgetting your real passion already!

Earl Shoaff, an entrepreneur and self-made millionaire, sharing one of his secrets to success said, “Work part time on your dreams, while working full time on your job.” I believe this is the key! Keep working on that dream. Don’t let your job be an excuse. Don’t settle for anything less than your dreams! Don’t park until you get there!

Finish your day, then start it.

“Don’t start your day until you have it finished.” – Jim Rhon

It’s very important for us to plan our days before setting out into them. This applies to everybody: students, white collar workers, blue collar workers. If we really want to achieve greatness, then we must learn how to set daily goals for ourselves.

We achieve a whole lot more when we clearly stipulate the things we want to get done in a day. It enables us to focus on the things that really matter. I learned this a while back and I’ve been doing it ever since then. The difference it’s made has been glaring. I’m more productive now than I used to be! I’ve also shared this with a bunch of people I mentor and the results have been astonishing!

It’s really common sense right? When you determine the things you want to get done in a day, write them down, and actually go ahead to do those things, you get a whole lot more done! And that’s just how simple it is! If you want to become great, then you MUST learn how to make your days matter. And if you want to make your days matter, you MUST learn how to set daily goals. There are no two ways about it!

Read Read Read…

“The most valuable things in life are placed on the top shelf and you can only get to the standing on the books you read. With every book you read, you get to stand a little higher” – Oral Shoaff

Reading is so important. It’s just like going to the mall to buy stuff. When you walk in, you grab a cart and then start going around to pick out the things you want. Each item you decide to buy goes straight into the cart; item by item, lane by lane, you gather everything you need. By the time you’re ready to check out, your cart would’ve been filled with a lot of stuff. And no matter how bad you bad you suck at shopping, your cart wouldn’t be as empty as it was when you started.

The same is true about reading. The more you read, the more information you gather. The more information you gather, the better acquainted you are with whatever subject you’re reading about. And that is what leads you to greatness. You become great because of what you know! Regardless of the field, the more books you read, the more you amass an immeasurable amount of knowledge, which in turn makes you valuable. And just like the cart, you wouldn’t be as empty as you were when you started reading!